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Luxurious back quiver

Carefully crafted leather back quiver with a beautiful burned (2D) or embossed (3D) pattern. 

Photos of the burned variant are still in process. Thank you for your understanding

Thanks to two straps over the shoulders, the quiver is universal for right- and left-handed people and at the same time it sits very firmly on the back without slipping. The chest straps are connected by a sliding buckle.

This type of quiver comfortably holds 30 arrows of 80 cm length with target points. If you would like a different size, please specify this in your order. 

For how much?

Burned pattern: CZK 3000 

Embossed pattern: CZK 4200 


The quiver is made of natural leather, so it should be treated with care. We recommend storing it in a dry environment at room temperature. Occasionally, you can coat a dry and clean quiver with olive oil - this will help protect it from water if it should get wet. If this happens, let it dry slowly, do not dry it violently, and certainly do not wrap the wet quiver in any leak-proof packaging (e.g. plastic) - it could start to mould. 

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