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What is this all about? Get ready to meet the best action archery fun you can imagine! 

Want to feel like Robin of Loxley, Hawkeye or Legolas on the walls of Helm's Deep? Do you want to feel the adrenaline pumping in your temples, the cohesion with your partner taking cover behind the barricade next to you, and the satisfaction of hitting your opponent after you've dodged his arrow? Then ArrowGames is for you!


ArrowGames is an action game where participants shoot safe soft-headed arrows at each other. This sport is known around the world as Archery tag, but here we approach it a little differently. Firstly, you can play a richer scenario of different games in the meadow and in the forest, and secondly, you will feel like you are in a real battle in the old days when armies fought against each other in man-to-man battles. 


It all takes place in our outdoor arena (coming soon), where it's up to you which game mode and environment (meadow/forest) you choose. We also offer the possibility to make ArrowGames somewhere right in your own place. For this you need a suitable and large enough space. 

For how much?

One event lasts two hours and costs CZK 350 per person. The price for each participant includes the rental of a bow, arrows, a distinctive varcock, forearm guard and a protective mask. 8 - 12 players can participate in one game. If you would like to come more, no problem, you will just have to rotate. If players under the age of 18 want to participate, an adult must come with them and take responsibility for them. 


Arrangements can be made for weekend or weekday events. We can certainly arrange a date that suits you. 

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