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Shields are our newest product. You can learn about their types and maintenance on this page. All our shields are handcrafted with the utmost emphasis on quality and aesthetics. It is possible to use them both for iron battles and for LARPs. Each of our shields is unique - we will never be able to produce two exactly identical shields. The individual standard types of shields are listed below, but they can be modified and supplemented with other elements upon agreement (shoulder strap, edge fittings, handle instead of palm straps...).

We offer two types of shields: Tatar and Viking. However, the designation "Tatar shield" is only a working term, because the shields we make are somewhat different from the wicker and silk-stitched kalkans of the steppe raiders. However, they have a common shape, which, thanks to its curvature, perfectly protects the wearer and, in the same way, allows to effectively deflect enemy blows of any intensity.


Convex shield with handle off the shield body axis


Convex shield with an on-axis hold and a metal boss 


Convex shield with mount suitable for riding


The flat plank shield of the Nordic warriors

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