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Tatar shield with horseman's grip

This type of shield from our offer is the closest in design to the shields of steppe raiders from the east. The arm shield holds one strap on the forearm and two straps in the palm (or a wooden handle), allowing for an additional weapon (such as a bow) or reins to be held in the shield hand. Thanks to this design, the hand can rest, because it is not necessary to clench the shield in a fist all the time.


A luxurious shield made of linden wood composed of several layers of thin slats. By crossing the slats, a structure similar to plywood is created, which guarantees the shield lightness and, at the same time, great strength. The structure of the wood is left on the inside of the shield, which forms a beautiful striped mosaic.

This type of shield is standardly covered with rawhide on the front and the same around the edge. The edge is thus covered with two layers of rawhide, which provides it with superior protection. The edges are normally attached with a thin rawhide strip, but it is possible to stitch the rawhide strip with artificial tendon, which will make the shield look even a little bit better. The rawhode is in a natural color, but it is possible to stain it with a shade of brown or another color upon agreement.

The thickness of the wooden body is approx. 12 mm, the total thickness with the raw material is approx. 14 mm.

The straps are made of quality 3 mm thick beef leather.

The inner side of the shield is impregnated with beeswax, which gives the shield a beautiful shiny surface and an unmistakable scent, but mainly this layer protects it from dirt and water.

The weight of the entire shield is about 3.5 kg for a body diameter of 65 cm.

Additional parameters and prices

Popis jezdec.držení

Price of the standard shield is CZK 9,000 (rawhide on the front plus on the edges, straps on the forearm and in the palm, the inner side impregnated with beeswax).

The diameter of the shield can be chosen from 55 do 70 cm. It is also possible to make a larger shield (up to 80 cm), but due to the difficulty of production and material consumption the price is higher (depends on the selected size). 

Edge fitting raises the price by CZK 500 (equipping the edges with a 2 mm thick steel strip, instead of covering the edges with a strip of rawhide).

Leather shoulder strap made of quality beef leather with a buckle: CZK 400.

It is possible to add to the shield a hand-forged boss (2 mm thick), which raises its price by

CZK 500.

A shield can be equipped instead of hand held straps handle made of linden wood with leather braid to add value to the shield CZK 300.

Individual arrangements can be made for any additional adjustments (for example, a complex riding hold with the possibility of a central grip and a grip for archery)

Upon agreement, it is also possible to produce a thinner shield with a thickness of a wooden body of approx. 9 mm, which is particularly well suited for woodsheds and LARPs.


Our shields are fully functional combat shields designed for tough clashes. However, since they are made of natural materials (wood, leather), they are not indestructible and require some care. Although the shield is impregnated with wax, it is not completely waterproof. If the shield gets wet, let it dry slowly at room temperature (not quickly, e.g. near a stove or even a campfire). Shields are best stored in a dry environment at approximately room temperature. Rawhide on the front lasts a long time, but it is not bulletproof. If the shield takes a direct hit with a heavy veapon to the center, it is quite possible that the raw material will give way. Such types of attack are rather recommended to be pushed aside. Shields are not built to withstand long-term pressure (e.g. sitting). The metal parts of the shields can start to corrode in a humid environment, so after each battle we recommend treating the metal parts with a suitable agent (silicone oil or any other suitable oil...). We also recommend cleaning the shield from mud and other debris after each battle.

By following these simple principles, we believe that the shield will serve you faithfully and bravely in many battles.

We also offer service for all our shields. But before sending the shield for repair, please contact us first (and ideally send photos of the damage) so that we can make an arrangement.

If there is anything wrong with the shield or if a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will surely be possible to solve it for all of us to be satisfied.

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