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Spoons and Funspoons

Funspoons are my authorial product. As the word says, Funspoons are spoons that have unexpected shapes. They are hand-carved from linden wood. These spoons are intended for decoration, as a non-traditional gift, or indeed for food. Other spoons are also hand-crafted, but the wood used can differ. Usualy leafy hardwoods are used (e. g. plum, pear or lilac).

I can make a spoon directly on request, either according to a drawing or according to a specified theme.

Popis žerlic


Price: according to the complexity and size of the required spoon

Spoons intended for eating are usually made of fruit trees or lilac. These spoons are fully functional and suitable for kitchen use. Funspoons are usually made of linden wood and although their main purpose is not to be used as an eating tool, they can definitely be used as such.

After use, we recommend washing the spoon, letting it dry on its own (do not dry vigorously) and smear it with olive oil. 

Since it is a wooden product, it does not benefit from long-term exposure to moisture. Storage is therefore best done in a dry environment at room temperature. A hard impact can damage the spoon. Spoons do not mind contact with hot water (e.g. when stirring soup in a pot), but they must not come into direct contact with a flame. 

In conclusion, I am forced to point out that our spoons have not been tested according to hygiene standards and therefore cannot officially be used for food. However, I can add in one breath that wooden spoons have been used for eating for centuries, even before any hygiene standards were even created. 

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