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We produce arrows in two grades: beech and coniferous wood (pine or spruce). Beech arrows are especially suitable for camps and anywhere where there is a risk of somewhat worse handling of arrows. The coniferous variants are lighter than the beech ones and more suitable for more accurate shooting even at longer distances. They are more suitable for more experienced shooters.

The arrows are treated with a colourless varnish on the surface. The blades are made of high quality feathers and are glued in grooves so that they do not scratch the hand when shot. The cock feather is a different colour. There is also a steel clip on this side for quick orientation. The tips are steel, suitable for target shooting. 

For whom?

Beech arrows are available in children's (55-60 cm), junior (65-70 cm) and adult (75-80 cm) versions.

We offer spruce/pine arrows only in adult sizes 75-80 cm. 

For how much?

Beech arrows:

children's: CZK 130/pc, junior: CZK 140/pc, adult: CZK 150/pc

Spruce/pine arrows:

adult: CZK 160/pc


It should be remembered that arrows are wooden. Although their surface is treated with varnish, it is not advisable to store them in a damp environment. Such conditions are not good for fletching. If your arrows get wet during shooting, you can dry them with a cloth and let them dry at room temperature after shooting. Avoid rapid drying - for example by the stove. If the fletching is frayed, gently smooth it away from the arrowhead until their branches come back together. 

Only use arrows of the appropriate size - using arrows that are too short can cause them to overstretch, which is dangerous for both the shooter and the arrow. Using arrows that are too long can cause the bow to break. 

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